Technology product teams are accountable for greater budgets and outcomes than ever before. However, most organizations don’t generate satisfactory returns on their product investments. In 2018, Harvard Business Review found that 83% of leaders aren’t very confident they are getting the highest possible return on their product development investments.

To keep pace with their goals, companies fund larger software teams—or place a greater emphasis on “hiring” expertise. However, these efforts will fall short unless companies invest in building a more suitable and high-performance product team.

When teams invest in performance, they take a process or skill-based view—investing in process improvements (agile training) or individual skill development (conferences and training). As a team sport, product development outcomes are a combination of skill, collaboration, and intrateam leadership, supported through continuous and active coaching.

That’s where we come in. In addition to building product management skills, we help teams embrace a servant-leadership product management philosophy.

There is evidence that product teams that emphasize interpersonal dynamics generate superior results. In a 2019 survey on Product Management, Gartner found that 78% of product managers who viewed improving collaboration as one of their top three roles, experienced low product failure rates.

The belief in collaboration achieved through servant leadership is the foundation of Praxis Product Leadership Founder, Mikal Lewis’s growth from an account manager to product executive.

Collaboration through servant leadership is the foundation of the Praxis approach and the key factor that transformed Founder and CEO, Mikal Lewis’s career from account manager to product executive. Before leaving Microsoft, to lead teams at Nordstrom, and RetailMeNot, his early career nearly stalled due to a prideful approach to work and interpersonal relationships.

His career was set on a new path when, in 2011, he joined Pathwise’sLeadership Development program in Seattle, Washington. Through the program, he developed a more in-depth toolkit for building empathy and self-awareness. The next level in his journey began when he witnessed Servant Leadership first hand as a mentee of Erik Nordstrom, CEO, Nordstrom, during his time at the company. As a result, he’s brought authenticity and servant leadership principles to the discipline of product management.

At Praxis, we combine the foundations of servant leadership with the foundations of product management. As a result, we help teams and individuals reach greater heights through servant leadership product management. Unlike training, we provide individuals with continuous 1:1 coaching support from an experienced product leader. Product leaders learn self-efficacy to better engender trust, negotiate conflict, and advocate for their point of view in ways that build team cohesion through cohort-based units.

Our approach results in self-effective and aware product leaders as well as high-performance product teams through a culture of trust and collaboration.

We offer this as a service to product leaders of all levels, backgrounds, and experience through an invitation-only Praxis Product Leadership program.

However, we do ask each cohort member to continue to serve the product management community after completing the program.

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