Getting into Product Management Series One: What is Product Management, Is It Right for You?

When: Wednesday, July 15. 7 pm EST, 4 pm PST

100 seats. Our most requested course.

There is one “easy way” to transition into Product Management from other disciplines, every other path is not easy–but is absolutely possible.

In this 90 minute workshop, we’ll discuss Product Management as an apprentice craft, and what that means for transitioning into product management, absolve you of the allure of being a Mini-CEO, and take examples where we plot you towards the incredibly rewarding journey on the other side.

Mikal began his career as an Account Manager and spent the first five years of his career in various roles before becoming a Product Manager with a fast track to VP of Product. In this online seminar, he will share his journey and the tools and tactics he uses to coach individuals from varied backgrounds into product leadership. He firmly believes that your non-traditional background is an asset not a liability for making the transition.

90-minute interactive workshop. There’ll be ample time for Q&A. Join in and bring a friend who is looking to make the shift too.

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